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About Us

Multiples Canterbury is purely a voluntary non-profit organisation run by parents of multiples to support parents of multiples. The Club is over 25 years old. Club activities are open to all parents/caregivers and their multiples, regardless of age.

Who we are:

Multiples Canterbury is a club run by parents of multiples of all ages, newborn babies through to teenagers. We are a non-profit making organisation and we give support, encouragement and up to date information to parents of multiples, parents expecting multiples and anyone else who is the main caregiver of multiples.

When we meet:

We have a committee meeting once a month and hold our Annual General Meeting in November. 

We hold various events to members throughout the year including events for Under 5 year olds, Over 5 year olds as well as a number of parent only events. 

We also have playgroups for expectants and parents of multiples. More information can be found here


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