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Parent Support

NICU Liaison

If you are in NICU or in hospital waiting on the likely prem arrival of your babies and need some  support feel free contact me. There are a number of club members that will come and visit and  support you. Otherwise post questions Facebook as there is a wealth of experience and knowledge here to support you. There and people who have had a whole range of different journeys and experiences (both happy and sad) and are more than happy to share with you. Rachel Smith

Contact: Rachel Smith

Single Parent Support

Being a parent of twins isn't easy; being a single parent of twins is even harder. As a single parent of twin girls I have found the Multiples Canterbury an invaluable source of friendship, advice and information. I first joined when I was pregnant and found the meetings and antenatal classes very helpful. I've had plenty of experience I can offer lots of advice and tips on how to cope as well as some information on where to get help if needed. Sometimes it's just knowing there's someone to ring which can make all the difference.

Contact: Abby McCord

PND Support

Anna Watts is one of the Post Natal Depression Supporteam who helps members with PND.I have a long history with depression and now I love to help support others who are going through what I have been through. I am also happy to come and visit with you if you are on the Mothers and Babies ward. Anything we talk about remains in my confidence and will not be shared with anyone.

Contact: Anna Watts  or Sabrina Mitchell

Dad's Support

Offers a little bit of extra support for our Multiples Dads.

Contact: Simon Teague

Young Parents Support

Hard enough being young in this world...just try adding multiples to that.

Contact: Sabrina Mitchell

Breastfeeding Support

Direct support from an experienced feeder. Ellen is breastfeeding peer support councillor for the Mother4Mother programme. I have 3 children, my eldest Isabelle and 16month old twins Zoey and Sophie. I made the choice to become involved with breastfeeding support after my feeding experience with my singleton, I was diagnosed with Igt (insufficient glandular tissue) meaning I do not possess the breast tissue to produce a full milk    supply. After a long struggle of  pumping, supplementing and trying to make it all work i got to 1 year feeding my eldest. I successfully mix fed my twins for 4 months. I have been a breastfeeding support  councillor for 5 years now. I can give advice or refer to a lactation consultant.

Contact: Ellen Stacey

Triplets Plus

Support for those with triplets, quads and higher multiples.

Contact: Sarah O'Leary

Special Needs Support

Support for those parents who have special needs or have multiples with special needs. 

Contact: Anna Watts


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