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Antenatal Sessions

An antenatal sessions that is multiple specific.
We cover information for your pregnancy, birth, what to expect with life with your newborns. Offering practical skills, parenting, feeding both breast and bottle, routine, sleeping, what nappies to use and car seat safety. We also let you know what support services you are offered with nannies and free childcare. A great way to meet others at the same stage of pregnancy as you and find out what the Multiples Canterbury has to offer you. Please do bring a plate for a shared lunch.
Please contact Aimee or Abby for more information. 


Buddy Support

Once joining the club as an expectant or new parent, we will pair you up with a buddy who will make contact with you. The buddy will be someone within your area who has experienced their own journey in raising multiples. The buddy system is designed to offer a listening and reassuring ear, expertise based on individual experience and the facilitation of contacts within the club and beyond to refer specific requests or needs. If you would like a visit while you are in hospital we are more than happy to come up and see you. Please make contact with the club once your babies have been born. Please remember that hospital visiting is also available for Mother's who, for whatever reason, may find themselves in hospital during their pregnancy with multiples. If you would like a visit please contact the club.

  • A total of 1,950 children were multiple births in 2007, compared with 1,051 in 1977.
  • Twins were born to 525 first-time mothers, and another five new mothers had triplets.
  • 181 mothers of multiple births already had at least two children.
  • Mothers of multiples tended to be older. While half of mothers who had single births were aged 30 or over (50 percent), for multiples this rose to almost two-thirds (63 percent).

(Statistics taken from

Contact: Carolyn (


Neo-Natal Support

As this can be a very precious time for many parents, we usually get contacted by the neonatal unit when our support is needed.  Everything comes from life experience...not text books. If you are in NICU or in hospital waiting on the likely prem arrival of your babies and need some  support feel free contact me. There are a number of club members that will come and visit and  support you. Otherwise post questions Facebook as there is a wealth of experience and knowledge here to support you. There and people who have had a whole range of different journeys and experiences (both happy and sad) and are more than happy to share with you. Rachel Smith. 

Contact: Rachel (

Huggies New Zealand

Huggies NZ

Huggies® is an active member in the community and are proud to provide ongoing support to numerous organisations and charities. All FULL Members of Multiples Canterbury are eligible for a box of Huggies® Newborn Jumbo Nappies when their babies are born!

Huggies® nappies are New Zealand's most preferred and recommended nappy* and are the only nappy that is clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash and endorsed by Plunket.

*AC Nielsen Winning Brands August 2006


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